Welcome to In Search Of Utopia!

Come on a journey with us as we travel the world and discover new natural remedies for our health and lifestyle. We’re new to this, so help us along the way as we learn the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of travel and put our bodies through the paces whilst learning other cultures health and their healing, whilst gaining stamps in our passports

Behind the keyboard

Here you’ll find out a little more about the people behind the blog.

Im Grace. A 25 year old girl from the UK, I met Cach (yes that’s his actual name) in the fields of Glastonbury- the most iconic festival in the UK, and known around the world.

We both actually came from the same city, we both share a love for nature, huge respect for animals (were both veggies too, don’t worry we won’t push this on you, we used to LOVE meat) and open to finding new ways to better ourselves.

Cach is super knowledgeable on his health and being, and I join along on the ride while he puts his body through different techniques to cleanse himself.

We’ve both traveled the world, and want you to join us on the journey, as we Uncover Utopia.